About Us

The whole story of what 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe is known for, started back in 2009 when Jay Astafa, one of the 3 Brother created a vegan menu for his dad's restaurant. Before that,  3 Brothers Pizza Cafe was just a standard Long Island pizzeria.  Jay's parents named the restaurant 3 Brothers after their 3 children. Since then his vegan menu has become super popular, and 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe has now become a destination restaurant and 70% of the restaurant is vegan.  Fast forward to 2015,  3 Brothers Vegan Cafe was born.  3 Brothers Vegan Cafe is currently the only all vegan restaurant on Long Island!

Vegan Chef Jay Astafa's menu features appetizers, pastas, entrees and wood fired pizzas.  What sets 3 Brothers Vegan Cafe from all other vegan restaurants is that we have our own in house vegan cheese program.  We make all of our cheeses such as our fresh cashew mozzarella, cashew milk cheddar, vegan cheese, cashew parmesan , macadamia feta, cashew tofu ricotta, cashew bleu cheese, and more!